A few weeks in the Forest

So I got a Job in Scotland.

The day of my interview was so nerve wracking, fortunately the staff at Mull aquarium made their decision quickly and I found out the same day that I was the new Marine Education Graduate for Mull Aquarium. The news was so exciting, there was lots of hugging and smiling, then the realization that we had to move from our little two bed house in the centre of Plymouth out into, essentially the unknown for us, hit us both like a tonne of bricks.


Ten days of packing passed by so quickly and on the 14th April we left the south coast, for what we hoped would be a week of r&r in the Forest of Dene followed by a week of re-packing for the trip up North.

There was a flaw in that plan. We didn’t bank on the fact there were no houses, flats, rooms, or even sheds to rent around Tobermory. So, we did something a bit crazy. We bought a rather dated, but obviously well looked after caravan for £100 and decided to do it up. So much for the rest, but we did have fun doing it.


We started off giving all of the plastic wood-effect walls a good sanding, Nancy joined us for the day and it went by so quickly.


We borrowed a load of old paint from my parents and decided on a colour scheme. Brighten the walls up with a pale cream and put in some accents of colour. The aim was a kind of vintage look.

Getting the walls painted seemed to take forever, it progressed quite slowly until we started the green. Finishing the green on the cupboard doors and getting them back on seemed like a great milestone.



The finishing touches, making the curtains and covering those horrible seat cushions was my job. It was a great job, trawling through charity shops and jumble sales to find some nice fabric, who wouldn’t want to do that. Having decided of a couple of different fabrics I got to work (with a lot of help from my mum and her beautifully clunky singer sewing machine).



Once the curtains were up it was time to start whittling down our belongings and packing the minimum amount we might need for a life in a caravan on the Isle of Mull.


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