First week on Mull

We’re here!

We left the Forest of Dean on Monday 2nd May, at about 6 o’clock in the evening and drove North through the night. We had several uneventful stops at motorway services that all looked the same. Then we passed Glasgow and even in the dark you could tell the landscape was changing. We stopped at the side of the road alongside Loch Lomond just at the sky was getting lighter. The loch looked amazing, a flat silvery stretch of water, going as far as I could see in the low light. Before long we were off again and at about 6 am we arrived in Oban.

The Ferry across to Mull didn’t take long. We spent most of the journey out on the deck in the sunshine, watching the mountains go by, and excitedly looking out for marine life.


We drove off the ferry, caravan still in tow, and started looking for somewhere along the road to stop. Past the fish farms, the small river inlets, villages, almost at Tobermory, we found somewhere we could park with the caravan.


We didn’t know that just down the hill out of sight was a beautiful secluded loch with a perfectly positioned picnic bench.

P1030223That evening we began to make the caravan feel more like home and got an early night, ready for exploring the island the following day.


We didn’t really make a plan for exploring the island. We just piled into the van with the dogs and some snacks, and headed left out of the campsite (turning right would take us into Tobermory). We drove along winding roads, following the edges of a Loch and across open moor, eventually coming to a very pretty village, Dervaig.  We ended up at Calgary (not the Canadian Calgary) just as the rain arrived. Calgary has the most beautiful white sandy beach, backed by rolling dunes. It was lovely on a grey soggy day so it must be amazing when the sun is shining.

On the drive back we saw highland cattle. I was very excited to see them, and their extremely cute calves. So excited I didn’t really think about photographing them so I just have one slightly blurry picture.


And of course as we passed the Loch we found the day before so we had to stop. It was quickly becoming my favourite place. I even found some frogspawn in a small puddle.


 For our next day out we did a bit of planning. We had seen a castle from the ferry and looking on a map saw that it wasn’t far from the ferry port at Craignure. So we packed a proper picnic, and a small camping stove to make cups of tea/coffee, and headed out towards Duart Castle. As with most of our plans, it didn’t go to plan. We missed the castle turning and just kept going, and going, until the road turned very quiet and very narrow, it was a very pretty drive, on which I saw lots of animal life, including my first Lapwing and some deer. We ended up on a road that just ended. We found ourselves at Loch Buie, a sea loch.

Considering we started the day looking for a castle, I think we were quite fortunate to end up here, with a beautiful stretch of beach, lovely sunshine, and a castle.

There were a lot of free roaming sheep around, I did wonder whether this one was Tig or Tag…..


Reuben got his wish of playing in the stream, we tried to take a nice shot of the three of us, then we headed back to the van.

We actually did make it to Duart castle in the end, but we didn’t go inside.

The last day we spent just wandering around Tobermory, resting, and visiting ‘our’ Loch.

We waved Cindy, Mark and Reg off on Saturday evening. It was a bit of a shock to realize we were over 400 miles from family and friends, and on our own again.

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