Joe’s Painting on the Cliffs

So have had a great few weeks with my voluntary placement at Mull Aquarium, this is my first blog post so far.

Been great to use the skills and knowledge i gained with my degree in marine biology and coastal ecology.


I have had to do a bit of recapping, its been almost a year since my last lecture at Plymouth University and i have spent a lot of time training to be a Marine Mammal Surveyor, but i couldn’t refuse the opportunity to work at Europe’s first catch and release aquarium.

So i have been doing animal husbandry, aquarium cleaning and working in the shop, really enjoying my time at Mull aquarium and have met some great people. It is probably my favourite aquarium so far.

We have had a RAMPAGING edible crab who is now in lockdown in a secure location with 24 hour shark security.

Today was fantastic, got to go out on the rig around the bay and paint up heritage maritime signs from the days of nelson. Got to scale the cliffs around a waterfall and paint ships to show the location of freshwater and we had to paint a boulder white which is a historical naval triangulation marker.

Painting on the cliffs

For anyone still deciding on a holiday location this summer, the isle of Mull and Tobermory are brilliant locations, you get the mountains, the sea and a great local community. So hopefully we will meet one of you following our blog and show you the aquarium we have both loved working in.



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