Sunburn and sore feet

The sun has been shining for what feels like weeks now and last weekend I had three days off in a row.We thought we ought to make the most of it and spend a whole day away from the camp site. After talking to Kerry at work I was persuaded that Glengorm would be the best place to go, a cafe, a sea-pool and the chance to see otters definitely swung it. We headed off in the morning for the 4 mile walk along the road to Glengorm.


It was an amazing walk, around almost every corner was another fantastic view and something gasp at. Mull has such diverse landscapes, mountainous one minute and sunny wooded glades the next.

Once we arrived at Glengorm castle we stopped for a quick coffee then headed down through the fields to the shore. We passed by some standing stones and highland cattle. We had lunch by the sea and of course did a little paddling.

On our way home we decided to be a little adventurous. We used a very basic map on a tourist pamphlet to find a path that we hoped would eventually join up to a forestry commission track. It did and on the way we were rewarded with some beautifully shaded wooded areas, some great insect life (which apparently I’m not good at photographing), and some amazing bird life. The small bird species here seem to be almost fearless and will flit along the path next to you as you walk. I think the most exciting bit of the day happened  when we were about half way home. Reuben likes to chase any bird shadows that cross our path, and there was one shadow that seemed to be very large. For once I actually looked up to see the bird that made the shadow. It was a massive bird and it soared right above us. I reached out and nudged Joe, an eagle! It was a white tailed sea eagle. It was only above for a split second, gliding away so quickly, but it was an amazing thing to see.

The rest of the walk was great, we came across a group of ruined cottages, with a great view of the sea and the mainland in the distance, and I realised I had some pretty bad sunburn.

In total we walked about 12 miles that day. Needless to say we didn’t do much the following day.

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