Tank revamp

So we had a ‘closed for maintenance’ day on monday, and took full advantage to have a rearrange of some of our tanks.

We were closed due to a problem with the water pump. It wasn’t working efficiently and so not enough water was being pumped into the tanks. Because of this a number of the tanks had to be turned off, to increase the flow into the tanks with the most species. This meant that me and our work experience student, Martha, had to catch and relocate many of our creatures.

Now that many of the tanks were empty we started to think about how we could change them around to best showcase the animals. At low tide we made a trip down to the water to gather seaweed anchored onto small stones, its not just animals that get changed regularly here.


We decided that the tank the Plumose anemones were in would be much better suited to house our small things; nudibranchs, lumpsuckers, and various eggs.

It was definitely the best place to view the dog fish eggs as you could look into the tank from both sides and it was lit from two sides as well.


The Plumose anemones were moved to a bigger tank. Before they were put into the tank I collected a few large rocks to arrange into a nice feature. The anemones were poured in and so far they have avoided all of the places I wanted them to settle.

The Thornback Ray was also moved to a different tank, giving him a bit more room and separating him from the dogfish, who was being a bit territorial.

Later on in the day, after an emergency call to Joe for help, we assembled a highly skilled team of Fraser, Lyndsey, Myself and Joe. Together we prepared for the arduous task of switching pumps and correcting flow in each aquarium display. To give ourselves motivation we contemplated over a nice ice cream.

After some issues, including the main inflow pipe bursting over the pontoon with water flowing into the surrounding area (and over Lyndsey). We had managed to fix up the aquarium ready for an early opening the next day.

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