Shore walk

I recently went for a long walk on my day off, just me and Reuben, back up to Ardmore park. Its a big area of forest and shoreline managed by the forestry commission. We have walked through it before, on our way home from Glengorm, but this time I went down a path marked ‘Shore Trail’.


It was a really lovely walk, winding down hill past ruined buildings and streams. Most of the way down it felt like the sea was really far away then all of a sudden we rounded a corner and it was right there. The sea was so still, it was eerily quiet.

There was a lot to see along the shore, there were several stone pyramids, about 7ft tall, lots of small wildflowers, and birdlife, mostly oystercatchers.

Just before the path started to climb uphill again there was a small bird watching hide. I went in and sat for a moment but didn’t see much.


On the way back up the hill I heard some rooks causing a commotion. I stopped to watch what was going on and realised they were making a racket to try and scare off an eagle. Another eagle! At least this time I had my camera out, that doesn’t mean I got a better picture though, in fact its mostly blurred with a small dark spec in the middle.



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