Business training in the Moray Firth

My position here at Mull Aquarium is funded by a company called ScotGrad, and as part of that I had to attend a four day business training course in Cromarty (just north of Inverness).


I had a mega cross-country journey to do, on a bus, a ferry, a coach, and finally another bus. It took me all day to get there, but the journey was great. Travelling across Scotland this way allowed me to see so much. The changing landscape, Mountains and lochs, to fields and sandy coastlines.


The coach journey across the mainland went along a road that hugged Loch Ness for nearly the whole way. I kept my eyes peeled but there was no sign of Nessie.


The building we stayed in was fantastic. It was an old brewery, converted to accommodate groups like ours, but it was more like a hotel. The food was amazing, we could have whatever we wanted for breakfast, and lunch and dinner were cooked for us. Pudding everyday as well! We found out towards the end of the week that the cooks were all volunteering their time.

We learnt so much in 3 and a half days, we covered presentations, giving the perfect business pitch, business management, and putting together a good business plan, and sales pitches, how to sell myself and the aquarium.

On the last day we all had to give a presentation about our placement to all the people attending the course, and the people from ScotGrad. I actually really enjoyed the presentation, I think everyone really liked hearing about the aquarium, especially as it was so different from all of my other ScotGrad collegues in the marketing and business sectors.

I had to get away early to travel all the way home, and the kitchen staff made me a lovely packed lunch. 🙂



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