Rain, rain and more rain.

So with typical British banter, I will first complain about the weather, then the EU results and finally actually talk about something far more interesting.

The weather in Mull has returned back to normality with rain, rain and more rain, the benefit of this is getting to use the fancy aquarium rain coats and enjoying the increase in visits to the aquarium.


Nice weather leads to ultimate envy of all those out on the water and sitting in the bustling cafes in town. While rain makes that envy slightly subside.

Now on to the Issue of the EU, obviously me and grace are distraught at the thought of losing our EU citizenship, something most people have forgotten or taken for granted. Most importantly is the fear over science and technology funding, with grace currently being paid by the EU in one of its development funds. Grace luckily will not be affected this year. But with many environmental and community science projects being directly funded by the EU, what does the future hold? can councils really justify to people with the current cuts they are going to spend possibly millions of extra pounds on science projects instead of community infrastructure. Probably not!!!

Now on to something more positive, we have had some great finds with Purple Sunstars, Bloody Henry starfish and gorgeous feather stars. And a lovely colourful nudibranch.

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