Reuben and the hedgehog

We recently had a new very tame visitor to Tobermory campsite, a newly emerged hedgehog on the prowl for a delicious treat. This has led to some hedgehog envy on the part of Reuben with possible anxiety of us replacing him with something almost as adorable.


His sense of smell and awareness of his surroundings dwarfing ours, he spotted it well before us and went into crazy mode, whining and jumping around the caravan. This led to us investigating what was outside. in that moment grace herself became overcome with how cute the hedgehog was.

This seemed to infuriate and already crazed Reuben, however we got some fantastic pictures of our visitor.


So our rainy day in the caravan turned into an enjoyable day of hedgehog watching as it traversed every caravan and tent on the field, surprising several tourists with gasps and slight scream being heard as one women nearly stepped on it as she came out of her campervan.



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