Rockpooling in the Rain

Every now and again the tides are right for rock pooling at Calgary beach. They need to be very low for it to be worth it, and it just so happened that they were low on my day off. Me and Lyndsey had briefly discussed going to Calgary but we hadn’t got very far with planning. So my day off arrived and it was raining, I had forgotten about rock pooling so we took Reuben for a nice long walk. We had just got back and changed out of our soaking wet clothes when Joe got a text from Lyndsey saying she would pick me up at half past 4, I looked at my watch and it was 4.30. I rushed to get my water proofs back on as Lyndsey’s shiny green Land rover pulled up. This was dedication, both of us on our days off, rock pooling in the rain.


We were after a couple of creatures in particular. On Tuesdays we do a marine lab, so we needed creatures that are adapted to life on rocky shores and have cool things we can show the kids. We were looking for green snakelocks anemones, that glow under UV light, small flat fish called topknots, and hermit crabs in periwinkle shells. Unfortunately we only found the hermit crabs.

P1030726We did find some other creatures that weren’t on the list; a porcelain crab, a grey sea slug, and some pink eggs.

The eggs perfectly matched the colour of the pink encrusting algae that was covering nearly all of the rocks.


I had a great time, although I think I need to invest in a good pair of waders. I got a welly full of sea water whereas Lyndsey was able to wade quite deep to try and catch fish.


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