Lifeboat Day

On a rare weekend off work for me Tobermory had its annual lifeboat day. Its a bit like a summer fete by the sea, with fancy dress competitions for the children, life boat tours, and a raft race.

Me and joe went down to join in, I did every bit of the above, even dressing up (the theme was under-the-sea so why wouldn’t I?). We had an aquarium team for the raft race, and we got to sit in the drivers seat of a multi-million pound boat.

I couldn’t think of one sea creature to dress up as so I decided to go as a rock, and cover myself with lots of animals. I left the costume making to the last minute so there wasn’t as many as I had hoped. I had my giant beadlet anemone, a prawn, a shore crab, seaweed, and a little sea lemon sat on my shoulder. Joe wore his aquarium uniform and carried a fishing net. As if I would let him catch any of my sea creatures.

The life boat tour was actually quite exciting, they are amazing boats. They can self right themselves if they capsize and the engines are specially designed so that they continue to run even when upside down.

The aquarium was shut early on lifeboat day so the aquarium team could compete in the raft race. I don’t really remember agreeing to do this but it was pretty fun once we got going. We positioned our raft (made from an old bath and empty whisky barrels) at the starting line in such a way that we had the shortest distance to travel to the finish. We started off really strong, speeding along, it turned out that maybe we shouldn’t have used all of our energy straight away as we were over-taken by other rafts. We came third in the end, with our ‘bronze medal’ being a bag of wine gums. 🙂

If your wondering why one member of our team has a funny blue complexion and strange hair, its because Kerry had dressed up as a blue Plumose anemone in the day, her costume was replaced by a wetsuit for the race but she kept her fetching head gear on.


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