Aquarium deliveries

Before I get into the actual blog writing I should apologise for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. The weather up here has been pretty rubbish, it has rained everyday for weeks, and rain always means the aquarium is busy. We will start to get quieter now that the Scottish school holidays are over.


As we have been busy and the weather has been bad, me and Joe haven’t really had much time for adventures, we have been having some great creature deliveries to the aquarium instead. Consider this your one-off virtual aquarium tour, featuring my favourite tanks and animals.

I think my favourite tanks at the moment are the very first two in the aquarium. The nano-tank with sea slugs, and the cylinder tank with mussels. Both of these tanks look bare, there aren’t any fish darting around or enormous lobsters to catch the eye, just tiny and slow moving creatures, still amazing despite their size.

The sea slugs we have at the moment are great, graceful sea hares, tiny orange-clubbed sea slugs, fancy looking ones with only scientific names, and little sea lemons with fluffy gills on their bottoms.

Their are also lots of sea lemons in the mussel tank, surrounded by their favourite food, barnacles. The mussels themselves are amazing, seeing them shift and move themselves on the rope, but the creatures that are living in between them are so numerous there is always something to look at. Various worm species, a peacock worm, strawberry worm, green leaf worm, and some I couldn’t find in the book, as well as green sea urchins, pea crabs, and sea squirts.

Most people walk right past these two tanks, dismissing them as ‘boring’, ’empty’, or if the children say “what’s in here mum/dad?” the response is normally, “I don’t know, lets look over here”.

Moving down the aquarium we pass the big tank, containing giant lobsters, extra large crabs, the dogfish and small shoals of wrasse; ballen, gold-sinny and rockcook.


The large tank also contains one of the underwater cameras with monitors by the desk, the second camera is in the octopus tank.

We end up facing the ‘delicates’ tank, where we normally put small things, at the moment it contains a couple of sea hares, green sea urchins, long-legged spider crabs and the dog fish eggs. We have had these eggs since May/June time and the tiny dogfish have just started wriggling around inside, its very exciting watching them develop.

The end of the building has seven different tanks, containing mostly smaller creatures like crabs and starfish.

We recently had an enormous starfish haul from a group of really enthusiastic divers. There was common starfish, bloody henry’s, sun stars, spiny starfish, cushion stars, seven armed stars, purple sun stars, and brittle starfish. Who knew there were so many beautiful and colourful starfish in the waters around Tobermory.

There are also anemones, square crabs, a dab, common whelks, and the octopus at this end of the aqurium. My favourites at the moment.

There are so many creatures here that I could talk about, my sea creature ramblings could go on for ever.

Just a couple more…..

(I apologise for the lack of image quality with some of the photos, my underwater camera died 😦 so I have had to resort to using my phone camera)

Stay tuned for more blog posts. If you ever get tired of waiting and want to keep up to date with our goings-on, I manage the Mull aquarium Instagram page and the Twitter account.

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