Kilchoan, Portuairk and Ardnamurchan

Another visit from my mum and dad led us on an adventure over on the Tobermory to Kilchoan ferry with the two troublesome brothers, my Border Collie Reuben and my parents Collie Reg.


So we first decided to drive around Kilchoan, this took a whole 5 minutes in the quaint little village before we moved of to see the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse.


Once we Arrived the struggle began to even get out of the van with the wind desperately preventing us from exploring. Eventually we escaped to the lighthouse museum with the dogs who intently searched every inch of the site for food or someone to say hello to, these two are not the brightest dogs in the world and when put together there IQ’s drop dramatically to ooh a lovely cliff to try to jump off or cars to chase. From our viewpoint the museum was full of fantastic displays and the generator room was full of traditional tools and a century old generator, and something that Reuben thought would make a good chew toy.

Having lost my parents and Reuben’s brother, me grace and the dog decided to climb the lighthouse, obviously we instantly thought Reuben will be at the top by the time we reach step 10 of the 100 plus steps, instead he collapsed about a third up the lighthouse steps and with his eyes begged us to take him down, once finally at the top though we had a slight surprise.

It turned out we should have paid for tickets before entering the museum or lighthouse, and had wasted our journey to the top of the lighthouse and being told we couldn’t actually go to the top without tickets. So Reuben seemed to have a small tantrum with crying and slamming himself on the floor etc, it would seem he may have sensed our frustrations or really understood what had happened, i think he was probably just sick and tired of steps.

So feeling bad we decided to pop to the visitor centre and pay tickets, which once we realized prices made a quick getaway from the scene of the crime.

From there we traveled inland towards the Ardnamurchan nature center, stopping off briefly at a lovely beach at Portuairk.

The Ardnamurchan nature centre was spectacular, what a wonderful place to visit and run and owned by fantastic people with a gorgeous golden retriever.

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