Secret Supper

Here on Mull there are some fantastic foodie people, and people that love cooking. At the cheese farm there is the Glass barn cafe and they often run special foodie nights to raise money for a village in Nepal devastated by the earthquake. Me are Joe have been to one of their curry nights, dishes delicious of homemade curry, dahl and chutneys.

We know the food they cook is really good so when I was invited to their secret supper I didn’t hesitate, I was perfect timing that it was also on Kerry’s 30th birthday.

We started the evening in the glass barn. The drinks, gin and lemonade, were being topped up and there was three lovely starters being handed out. Mini blue cheese and chutney toasties, beetroot cured salmon on scones, sea spaghetti and land spaghetti with garlic oil and parmesan.

The glass barn cafe always looks beautiful in the evenings, with fairy lights and bunting strung up alongside the fig and grape vines. As it turned out we weren’t staying there for the main course. There was an announcement asking us all to load our selves into a feed trailer towed by the tractor, that was to take us to our next secret destination.

We arrived at one of the big animal sheds where there was a long table set up with straw bale benches. The table looked fantastic, spread with candles, flowers, and delicious looking salads and home made bread. We even had an audience of cows, sheep and pigs as we ate. The food kept flowing and soon we were all feeling happily full and slightly merry.

Soon enough we were back in the feed trailer and off around the farm to continue the food adventure. We were led down into the cheese cellar. It was amazing, the smell was so good. We had a demonstration of how the test the cheese, a talk on how they make it, and why the Isle of Mull cheese is so different (its because they feed the cows the malt from the whisky).

The final course, dessert was served in the swimming pool area. Cocktails and ice cream sandwiches. There was a synchronized swimming display as we ate. When it ended I think the alcohol got the better of some of us and somehow we all ended up being pushed into the pool. Obviously Kerry went in first as she was the birthday girl.


We finished the night with a beautiful birthday cake and seaweed gin.


I should mention that all of these photos are courtesy of Lyndsey Mclaren, Kerry Froud and Isle of Mull Cheese.

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