Mull-ing around

I apologize for the late-ness of this blog post (sorry mum and dad), I had intended to publish it sooner but as with everything these days, work seemed to take over.

It seems like only yesterday mum, dad and Nancy were all the way up here in Scotland, experiencing the best and worst weather Mull has to offer.

Mum and dad arrived before Nancy and got to experience some fantastic gales and rainstorms in their little tent, I was safe and dry in the caravan but I was concerned at one point that they might get washed away. Nancy arrived a few days later after a mega twelve-hour train ride to Oban, then a night in a hostel, then a ferry ride. It is a bit of a trek to get to us, and of course the rain stayed around, maybe so Nancy didn’t get home sick coming from wet and windy Wales.

The first day I had time to spend with them off work, we visited Calgary beach. Somehow the glorious white sand and turquoise water don’t sparkle and impress much when its ‘blowing a hoolie’ outside. We had a little wander along the rocks and released some creatures from the aquarium before heading to the café for a much deserved hot drink and cake.

As the pouring rain had eased to a drizzle we took a detour on the way home, down a small lane to Croig, where there was a beautiful calm inlet. There was a reason why my mum wanted us to drive down there but I can’t quite remember.

We stopped at the standing stones in Dervaig as well. While Reuben was attacking a tree stump he uncovered a geocache. These are little boxes that people can find on walks and add their names to a list inside, people often leave little memento’s too, we left a shell from Calgary.

That evening, just as the storm blew away we packed up my parents little tent and moved their stuff to Glengorm. Kerry, who I work with at the aquarium, kindly let them and my sister stay in her little flat while she was away. It’s a beautiful, homely flat with lovely views, on a clear day reaching as far as the mountains of Rum. That evening there was a beautiful rainbow in a clear sky.

The following day was beautiful sunshine and blue skies; we made the most of it, persuading Nancy that it wasn’t that far to walk to Glengorm castle and then down to the bathing pool (a natural sea pool). It’s only a short walk for someone like me who walks all the time, its about 2 miles there and back, but for Nancy, who drives everywhere, it was far enough.

We had coffee and cake at Glengorm coffee shop, where there are lovely tame birds, and had a nosy in their nature room.

We walked towards the gardens and had a look around. Sarah, who’s the head gardener, has done a lovely job, its full of beautiful veg and wildflowers.


The day was beautiful and we took a lovely stroll to the bathing pool via some more standing stones and highland cattle.

Of course we had to go rock pooling while we were by the sea, gathering a pocket full of treasures to carry home. I say ‘we’ but mum stayed back and did some drawing, it is unusual to see her without a sketch book.

I had a lovely time with them, and I know that they loved seeing Mull, despite the long journey up here.


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