The Big Draw

It’s the end of October, and for the aquarium the end of the season. This month has been hectic. If I could go back to September and interrupt our staff meeting, where we were deciding that it was a great idea to do loads of October events, I might just ask myself “are you sure you can organise that many events?”

The event that I have been putting most of my attention to was The Big Draw. A whole month of activities to encourage more people to get creative. The theme this year was STEAM, short for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths, it was also steam powered. I had decided that I wanted to do something for this event before I had found out what the theme was. How do you do events for an aquarium that looks at steam power? I just took the logical step (or maybe leap) to deep sea hydrothermal steam vents, of course. These vents are found in the deep ocean, where cracks form in the tectonic plates and hot water and chemicals pump out into the ocean. They are areas where amazing creatures can be found. For most of the month we just had a drawing table set up where people could draw a sea creature. This coincided nicely with Cephalopod Awareness week.

My real challenge for the big draw came in the school holidays, when I had arranged a week of sessions building enormous steam vents from paper mache. We built a frame, covered it in paper mache, and painted it,

and then made creatures to stick on it.

The week was topped off by an ocean discovery day. A whole day learning about the deep sea. It was exhausting, but I would definitely do it again.


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