Seven Months

It is really strange to think that the aquarium is now closed for the season, no more visitors, all of the creatures returned to the sea, and the water turned off. I’m not really looking forward to siting in a quite aquarium doing paper work, eerie.

This summer has gone so quickly and been so full of amazing things that I sort of wanted to recap some of it. Although now that I’m thinking about it I’m not sure where to start….

I guess the beginning, the whirlwind move to the other side of the country, to a beautiful little island, to live in a caravan for the summer.

We had a great May, June and July. The sun was shining for six weeks solid. The locals said Tobermory was in drought. I remember asking how they could tell, as to me there was still bog and streams everywhere, the reply was “the moss in my garden has dried out”. I think drought on Mull is slightly different to normal. The aquarium was busy and I was seeing new and amazing sea creatures every day.

We made new friends….


….and did our fair share of exploring.

In the schools holidays we were always busy, with families just visiting the aquarium, as well as attending some of the events we organised. There were the ocean discovery days, lifeboat day, collaboration with the HWDT, and many more.


We still managed to have time to visit Iona….

….and Ardnamurchan.

September calmed down a bit, we still had amazing sea creatures coming in and managed to squeeze in a couple more adventures.


My parents and sister visited us, they picked the worst week to stay in a tent, it was blowing a hoolie and pouring with rain. We still had loads of fun, and it did brighten up in the end.

I think October was my favourite month so far, the island was beautiful, autumnal colours everywhere. We finally moved into our flat, and the aquarium got busy again. More events to plan and loads more fun to be had (By us and the animals alike).

There was our film night, showing Life Aquatic. Kerry planned this one but we all had a great time helping out.

Then there was our Halloween event, Professor Vodnik’s aquarium of Horrors! Judging by the reactions of our under 7’s group it was deffinately terrifying.

I still feel pangs of guilt whenever I see some of the little kids around Tobermory (we made them cry).

(more halloween photos on the Mull Aquarium facebook page)

These are just a couple more of my favourite photos from this year…

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