Winter weather

Since the aquarium closed for the season, at the end of October, I’ve been plodding on with paper work. We started off with all three of us working in the aquarium, if was so quiet in there. when the weather changed we moved to the office, even with the underfloor heating on, it was cold in the aquarium.

We actually had a couple of weeks of wild weather; pouring rain, hail, snow, and ice. The snowy days were especially exciting, even if it didn’t really settle.

The weather hasn’t stopped us having fun though. I’ve been to Glasgow this month, to the County Living Craft Show, with some friends, Kerry, Lyndsey and Sarah. We had a great girly day out, and got to see lots of snow on the way there.

Me, Joe and Fraser have also been doing a bit of Geocaching when we walk the dogs. Its great, a bit like a grown-up treasure hunt.

Anyway, it seems like November has flown by. My education folder is full up and its my last day of work tomorrow! Where has the last seven months gone!

Despite the fact that we have now finished our seven months on Mull, we will carry on with this blog. After all I have an exciting year of work ahead of me and we are still here on this beautiful island.


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