Out and About

When the season ends in Tobermory, October/November ish, life slows here down a lot. The streets may be quieter but we seem to have got more sociable. We spend cosy evenings in, meet up with friends for relaxed evening meals, or just a spend couple of hours doing something crafty together. I guess the darker evenings makes everyone feel a bit more inclined to just chill out of the sofa.

In amongst all of these cosy days we have managed to get out and about a bit. Before Christmas we had a great afternoon out walking to Mackinnon’s Cave, supposedly the longest sea cave in the Hebrides. It was a bit of a treck there through muddy fields, guess who was the first to slip in the mud, then over boulders, but it was definitely worth it. The cave was amazing, it was large enough to stand up in almost all the way to the back.

(photos courtesy of Lyndsey McLaren)

Me and Joe have also got interested in Geocaching. We often walk the dog with Fraser, and Marty the Pug, and to make the walks more exciting we have been hunting for these geocaches, its a bit like treasure hunting. Its been taking us walking to places we haven’t been yet.

(The quality of the geocaching photos aren’t great, they were taken with a phone)

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