Christmas in the Forest

I know its nearly the end of January (already!), but I wanted to share some photos of Christmas time.

I love Christmas. We all do, and nothing quite beats a good family Christmas. Now that we live so far from family we were contemplating whether or not to make the long journey south. I’m so glad we did in the end.

Reuben sleeping on the train

Before we left Mull we did have a little mini Christmas here. We always have a special day to decorate our tree. We take in turns to pick a Christmas film, this year it was Joe’s turn and he picked Groundhog Day (not very Christmas-y), we also have nice food and we decorate our tree together.

This year, because we have become social butterfly’s, we had a Christmas party to go to with friends. Delicious food cooked by Sarah and secret Santa. I picked Lyndsey and made her a soft toy shore crab that sheds its shell and is complete with egg sack and gills. She actually picked me for secret Santa and hand made me something as well. An adorable little mouse with thread backpack.

The day before we left me and Joe had our fake Christmas morning and gave each other one present each to open early.


I love being at my parents house for Christmas. The house kind of glows at this time of year. There are twinkly fairy light around the shelves, paper lanterns and bunting in the kitchen, more lights and a giant snowflake in the conservatory, and then there is the tree in the front room. Always enormous, always colourful and shimmering. All of my mums baubles are glass, and you can guarantee that every single branch will have a bauble on it.

Before Christmas day there is always lots to get done, people to visit etc. Christmas eve is the best day I think. We prep the food together, everyone gets a job to do, there is Christmas music on and normally at least on of us is dancing around the kitchen. this is also the day we ice the Christmas cake. Nancy makes the icing and then all three of us do it (me, Joe and Nancy), although I tend to get a bit bossy when it comes to putting the little plastic reindeer, trees and Father Christmas on.

Unlike most families we have our Christmas meal on Christmas eve, it means that on Christmas morning we can all sit together and have a relaxing, leisurely breakfast. At about 12, after we are finished exchanging presents, I normally head over to Joe’s parents to open presents then have their Christmas dinner. I love having two Christmas’s, with two families. They both do it so differently.

After Christmas we normally go on a long(ish) walk. This year we visited Nancy in her little flat in Porthcawl and the drove up to the start waterfall walk. It was a great walk, starting off up high, walking along a ridge, then down to the waterfalls. There was one you could walk behind which was very exciting. The walk was supposed to be a big loop, but we kind of took a wrong turn and in the end walked about 6 miles, Reuben was exhausted the next day,  well we all were really.

After Christmas the lovely food and drinks continue until at least New Year. Lovely cakes, cheese boards, and light lunches.

This year we had a special addition to one of the cheese boards. The olive tree had produced its first three olives. They were tiny but we shared them around. They were the worst tasting olives ever! So bitter I don’t think any of us swallowed them.

We had a great time with family, and visiting friends. I think we spent nearly three weeks at home in the end. We did much more than I’ve mentioned here, but I think this covers the best bits. Its good to be back on Mull now.

Our attempt at a new year selfie.

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