Windy Walk at Calgary

Its been a little while since we did this walk but its been so hectic around here I didn’t get around to writing about it. Its just another one of our walks with the dog but no matter what the weather is, Calgary bay is always beautiful. On this particular day it was really windy.

We walked up and down the beach a little, the dogs were racing about and digging holes and I was, as usual, walking along staring at the sand, just in case I spot a good shell. I find it impossible to go to the beach without bringing something back.

On this walk we decided to walk along from the beach a bit, towards an old pier. There’s a small pebble beach there, with its own share of lovely shell and other treasures. I found this bit of iron, beautifully encrusted with barnacles and algae. There is also an amazing rock formation near the pier. It looks like an enormous man-made stone wall sloping up the side of the hill, but it is actually a natural formation.


On the way back to the car, Reuben just had to have a go at tunneling toward the rabbits.


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