March Madness

Edit: I am aware we are now half way into April – time just seems to fly at this time of year.

It has been a super hectic March! Just when we feel like we need a rest, the busy tourist season begins.

This month there has been a lot going on at the aquarium. We got new tanks, new information boards, new decorations, and new staff. Lots of changes. Its all very exciting, being here at this time of year and getting to see what goes in to opening up the aquarium.

Just after the new staff members started, Joe and Jenny, Lyndsey went away for a week, leaving me in charge. We were due to turn the water on that week, but because a crucial part hadn’t been delivered that was delayed. I was annoyed but also kind of relieved that I didn’t have to be responsible for that. While we waited for the part we finished lots of little jobs, and painted one of the walls in the cinema room with a shoal of fish.

When Lyndsey came back it was all go. We had two weeks until we opened and we still didn’t even have water. The part for our pipe arrived just in time. We primed the pump (filled the pipe with water) and held our breaths when we switched it on. We only encountered a few teething problems, which was good.

18051580_10154404987232478_1746489409_n (1)

It didn’t take long to fill the tanks with creatures, ready for opening.

We even got to go on a couple of rock pooling trips to Calgary beach to collect some animals.

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