Sunny Treshnish Walk

After a week of glorious weather towards the end of March, me and Joe, and Lyndsey and Finn had planned a Sunday walk down at Treshnish. This walk happened to be the day after our friend Sarah’s birthday celebration. So it ended up being just me, Lyndsey and the dog. The guys stayed at home, feeling sorry for themselves.


It was a beautiful walk, the sun was shining all day, it was actually very warm for the end of March. We headed down the track towards the shore to have lunch. Of course Reuben found the best swimming rock pool an launched straight in, in the heat of the sun I even considered dipping a toe in myself, but chickened out. While Reuben was splashing about we caught a glimpse of something furry and brown, darting between the rocks. We think it was probably a stoat.


After lunch we headed off to find the track that took us in a big circle back to the road. We didn’t have much luck and as the afternoon we getting on we decided to just head straight up the side of the hill and go in the general direction of the land-rover.

The hill was so much steeper than we thought but the view from the top was definitely worth it.

We had a great walk.

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