Otter Spotting

OK so I know I’ve been pretty rubbish at keeping this blog updated, I guess life has just taken over, especially know that the summer holidays are fast approaching.

This post has been saved in the drafts for weeks now, just waiting for me to sort the images out, so here you are…..


We recently made the slightly scary, grown up decision that Reuben should really be neutered. It was tricky because we didn’t want this to change him in anyway, there seem to be so many unknowns about what this can do to a dog. Anyway we went ahead and booked it. The vet surgery is quite a way from Tobermory, not worth us returning home after dropping the dog off, only to pick him up 5 hours later, so we made the most of our time without him and went for a bit of a walk. We walked about 15 minutes down the road to fishnish. Near to where the ferry come in is a new-ish otter/wildlife hide.

It was a lovely sunny day and as well as sitting quietly in the hide, we found a nice place to sit on the shore (I cant resist having a poke amongst the seaweed), and a sunny bench to have coffee and cake.

We didn’t see any otters that day, just some lovely sea birds and a couple of bumble bees.

We ambled back to the vets after lunch to collect the pup, and a very spaced out pup at that.


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