Joe’s Birthday

It was actually Joe’s birthday over a month ago, and I should probably be getting him to write about this but oh well.

We had really great weather for Joe’s birthday, it was that gloriously warm and sunny spell two weeks into May. We definitely made the most of it, pootling around the bay in his little boat the day before. Doing a spot of fishing and then stopping at Aros, because for some crazy reason we decided it would be fun to go for a swim. It was fun, for the millisecond before I hit the water, the water was so cold it took my breath away.

We hopped straight out and warmed up in the sun, waiting for our barbecue tea.

Joe was actually working on his birthday, but he finished early and we went out in the boat again, this time with the dog. We love checking on the creel pots, you never know what might be in them, and Reuben loves being on the boat , watching the water rushing past and the seabirds flying over.

We went out for tea that evening to the Indian restaurant, then home for homemade jam sponge.

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